Elk European Mount: $150.00

Elk Shoulder Mount (basic): $1200.00

Deer European Mount: $100.00

Deer Shoulder Mount (Basic): $650.00

Antelope European Mount: $100.00

Antelope Shoulder Mount (Basic): $650.00

We do repair or rework mounts. For a shoulder or full body, we have to find a new cape. For Euro or antler mounts, we can re-whiten, fix antlers/horns, or put on a plaque. Price depends on the work needed!

Bear Rug: $190/linear foot

Bear European: $150

For all others, please contact us! We would be happy to discuss options and other animal species with you.

Beetle Cleaned and Finished Euro/Skull

Paddlefish: $175

Bovine (Cattle): $200

Bison: $250

Moose: $225

Mountain Lion: $100

Coyote/Fox/Bobcat: $75

Small Game/Birds: $40